A little about TheKat. My nick comes from the comic strip called the Katzenjammer Kids. My group at the club was called the Katzenjammer Kids because we were relatively very young. Everyone called me TheKat and many never knew my real name "WALT". A kat has nine lives and l have used up a few of them, but I'm a long way from using them all. LOL

My active sports are golf and tennis, which keeps me off the couch. {{{ IF I COULD ONLY HIT A GREEN }}} All my sports are played from the port side which is an advantage for me in tennis and a liability in golf.

I graduated from a small college in Hanover, N.H. and have two wonderful kids and had a great wife. My glass has always been full and life is easy on the soul.

I love sports, politics and controversy on TV and the WEB. So I am frequently chasing a dream.