Class of 1954

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Flora Jean McFarland
PHS Class of 1954

Meet me in the City by the Bay

(Is this a great group or what?)

Roger Walther(PHS '54'), Flora Jean Mcfarland (PHS '54')
Nancy Glenn Papa(NPHS '54') Joe 'Pepe" Papa (PHS '54')

Nancy and Joe Enjoy San Francisco

The 'Summer of Love' in Lavalette NJ 1953

Tony Bradbury NPHS '54' Flora Jean McFarland PHS '54'
Shirley Locovitz PHS '54' Half of Walt Bowlby NPHS '54'
(The photographer must of had a few beers)

Flora Jean McFarland PHS '54' and Ann Marie Goldsack PHS '54'
(One was smitten with an NPHS guy and the other dated an NPHS guy)

Harry Gikas - Maxson School either 7th or 8th grade

I had a luncheon a few days before the
50th reunion of the PHS Class of 1954. I used
another classmates's restaurant in Somerville
[Sarah Jane's] on Route 206.

The following pictures were taken at the luncheon.

Angie Casserino, Janet Weber, Me, Ann Marie and Harry. He pretended
to be a bus driver with a group of women when he showed up at the
restaurant. Nobody recognized him! It was great! It was good for him
because he had just lost his wife to cancer. He keeps in touch with
a number of us now. Lives on Balboa Island off Newport Beach, CA.
(Let the good times roll)

There's Ella next to Claire Iannotta. Ella's had a rough
time in recent years with a son who had cancer.
(Very festive)

My sister, Mary [PHS '58] and Justine Hoffman
(Two for the Show)

Justine was good friends with Frank Blatz
[PHS '53] [Dartmouth 58]
and a former Plainfield mayor. So he took the 2 of us to the
Plainfield Country Club for dinner the night before our 50th reunion.
(Really looking good guys)