San Francisco Bay

Taken from a Piper Cub

Pictures by William 'Billy' Kime NPHS '54'

Meet me in the City by the Bay

(Is this a great town or what?)

The 'City by the Bay' ... Just Majestic

The Golden Gate Bridge

Something special... A rare picture of 'Big Orange' taken from directly overhead.

Once again NPHS meets PHS
I inserted Flora Jean McFarland's PHS '54' picture here to
illustrate how beautiful this bridge is from land
as well as it is from a Piper Cub

Three views of 'THE ROCK' Alcatraz

The temporary home of Al Capone and many infamous villians

The site of the 'Great Escape'

'THE ROCK' has an excellent view of the city

San Francisco State Unitversity
It looks like a perfect college campus