Class of 1954
35th Reunion Pictures

More Carefully Aged

Pictures by Ella Hoffman
(Where did the years go ?)

Dorothy's Husband, Dorothy Butrico
Jackie Herlich

Charlotte Schmiede & Husband

Fran Haldeman and Carol Fish

Marilyn's husband, Marilyn Latty and Louise Zappella

Kay Grube and Norma Petersen

Charlie Urinko, Joan Brosh
Dorothy Deutschlander

Gwen's husband and Gwen Harrold

Barbara Tyrolf, Nancy Sabina
Ted Smith

Mildred Veneroso and Mary Ann Veneroso

Louise Zappella and Al Ellis

Bob Heys and wife Sally

Fred Best and wife Merle

Charley's Wife Yvonne, Charlie Page
Kay Grube's Husband and Kay Grube

Mitzi Thornton's husband Frank and Mitzi

Kay Grube and husband Gene Sikanowicz

Assunta Cherubino and husband
Bob Gregory's wife Larraine and Bob

Lynn Snyder and Grace Rolf's husband

Lucy Demico and husband
Joyce Kemmerer in background

Joan Du Four

Patti Farmer and husband

Louise Zappella and Anne Newman

Renee LeBlanc and friend

Pat Perdie and Anne Newman

Carolyn Long and Charlie Page