Class of 1954
35th Reunion Pictures

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Ella Hoffman
( A good time was had by all)

Norma's husband George Melick and Norma Petersen
Sally Beckwith and husband Charley Novak

Betty Sharp, Jane Tice

John Pitcher, Rose Margolies, Jane Tice, Lew Geller
Sitting: Kay Grube, Buddy Zanowick

Patricia Scherer and Pat's husband

Vincent O'Neill and Joyce Wilbert

Dewey's wife Alice and Dewey Rex
Allen Stine and Allen's wife Alice

Tom Liddle and Vincent O'Neill

Richard Van Deusen

Dorothy Harman and husband Tad

Ann Nicastro and Ann's husband

Doris Glasser and Doris' husband Bill Blemings

Lois' husband and Lois Hand

Van Armstrong and wife Barbara

Royden Jones and Royden's wife Mary

Lois Mantz, Mary Onore Lynn
Ken Lynn and Gloria Meyer

Nancy Garvin (Gail Gough's Daughter)
Gail Gough and Carolyn Long

Coach Stec and Coach Stec's wife
Coach Barclay's wife and Coach Barclay

Joyce Kemmerer, Joyce's friend Fred Taylor
Joyce Wilbert

Mary Lou De Nise and Mary Lou's husband

Victor Brusca and Victor's wife

Gordon Bird, Anne Newman and Tom Castronovo

Gloria Batcho and Gail Gough
Sitting: Tom Castronovo's wife Mary Ann

Doug's wife Nancy, Doug Reina and Joel Siegal