NPHS Class of 1954


Carefully Aged

Pictures by Kathleen Hartelius
( The carefree days of high school )

(Top Row)
Jane Tice, Kay Grube, Barbara Hammerton
(Third Row)
Dot Harman, Roz Pass, Sharon Lookstein
(Second row)
Joan Klienhans, Fran Haldeman, Gail Vergon
(First row)
Anne Newman, Kay Stubblebine

(Is this a great group or what?)

Jane T profile standing
Barbara Hprofile sitting
Kay S, Anne N looking up
..?.., Gail V, Joan K and Dot H

(Girl talk)

Debbie Ballard, Sally Beckwith Nancy Glenn
Kathleen Hartelius, Anne Newman, Gail Vergon
(Babes in the woods)

Fran, Kathleen, Sally, Betty, Jane,
Barbara, Anne, Roz, Sharon
(Looking good at the shore)

Where the girls are
(Now we need a parade)

Betty, Roz, Jane, Gail
Barbara, Ella Hoffman, Kay G, Kathleen
Anne, Joan, Fran
(Friends forever)

Jane & Barbara

Gloria Batcho, Marylou Denise, Barbara Hammerton
Catherine Polon, Anne Newman
Sharon Lookstein
(Looking good girls)

June Lindland & Jane Tice
(Sitting on)
Gail Vergon
(The three musketeers)

Not Jane Tice ??. Anne Greiner, Gail Vergon, Marilyn Latty
(just fooling around)