Class of 1954
50th Reunion Pictures

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Ella Hoffman
( The dinner/dance was a perfect ending to a great reunion)

Gail Gough and Bob Gregory's wife Larraine
(That is some jacket in the background)

Kathleen Hartelius and husband

Fred Best and Royden Jones

Sue Cherubino and husband

Ella Hoffman and Kay Grube

Ginger Hughes and husband Bill Pocock

John and Diana Pitcher

Betty Sharp and Van Armstrong
(This looks serious)

Norma Peterson and husband

Jane Tice and Betty Sharp

Bob Kinsley, Tom Liddle
Bob's wife Donna

Betty Sharp and husband

Standing...Roslyn Pass and Fran Haldeman
Sitting...Nancy Glenn and Sally Beckwith

Nancy's husband Joe Papa, Mitzi Thornton, Nancy Glenn

Larry Swensen, Mrs. Stec, Coach Barclay

Bob White and John Pitcher
(You have got to be kidding!)

Hanna Appolloni, Bob Heys and Bob's wife Sally

Louise Zappella

Allen Stine and Doug Reina
(Who is the lady in this picture??)

Betty, Van's wife Barbara, Van and Sally
--Amazing...the four completely different facial expressions--
--What could they be discussing???--

Carolyn's husband Jim ,Carolyn Long, Doris Glasser

Mickey Lawler and Bob Kinsley
--The fullback and the 'tight' end--
--discussing Bob's blocking ability--