1954 Class Reunion


Carefully Aged

Pictures by Bob Heys
( Which explains why he is in so many )

Bob Heys &Richie Stine
(Looking great guys )

Richie Stine
(You da man)

Bob & Richie

Bob Heys, Walt Bowlby, Ken Lynn and Bobby Briant
(Lookin good guys but no rhythm )

Mary and Ken
(Ain't love Grand)

Norm Phillips, Ken Lynn. Jack Bicknell and Bob Heys
Coach Krausche in foreground
(The coach looks good)

Bob, Coach Stec and Coach Krausche
(Mr Stec was the best)

Ray Stockoff, Ella Hoffman, Richie Stine and Charles Yurinko
(Just super)

Connie Clayton and Bob
(A casual slow dance )

Mary Lou De Nise and Bob
(Ready for the Prom)

Fran Haldeman, Al Ellis, Mary Lou and Bob
(Happiness is)

Dot Harmon's back, Tom Liddle
Lois Mantz
(We are headed somewhere)

Larry Cazzaza and Bob
(Their boss is on the left)

Fred Best and Norma Peterson
(What's going on here???)

Wild Fred Best
(No connection to the picture above

Bob, Roz Pass, Ella Hoffman's Back
Ray Stockoff (Partially hidden), Rich Stine
Virginia Hughes, Sally Beckwith
(It is a great party)

Willie Kasper, Tom Castronovo and Walt Bowlby
In background: Bob's Mom and Grandmother
(Very interesting picture..Notice the well taylored sleeve
between Tom and Walt. We believe that hand holding a cigarette
belongs to Buddy Zanowic. Another picture confirms that
Also Tom C made an unsuccessful attempt to claim the mothers in the background)