1954 Class Mini-Reunion Pictures
January 2007

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Ken Lynn

George La Costa and Kathleen
(Looking great guys )

Kathleen, George, Gail and Walt
(Just happy people)

George La Costa, Walt Bowlby, Ken Lynn
(Three of the four Musketeers)

Lynn Snyder and Walt
(A hug for the best all around)

Barbara and Rich Stine
(Ain't love Grand)

Mary Onore and Gail Gough
(What Happened???)

Dewey Rex and Alice
(What a great couple)

Dotty Deutschlander, George La Costa, Ed Tierce ,
Kathleen La Costa, Anita Celentano, Dewey Rex,
Lynn Snyder, Rich Stine, Barb Stine,
Mary Onore, Walt Bowlby, Gail Gough, Ken Lynn,
Ray Bouquio, Carolyn Long, Marina
(Just super)

NPHS 1954 Florida Style
(Walt gets words of wisdom from George)

It was an exciting get-together
(A farewell hug)

Ken's Last Picture
(Happiness is)