1954 Class Mini-Reunion Pictures
January 2007

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Dotty Deutschlander

Ken Lynn, Dotty Deutschlander,Ray Bouquio
George La Costa, Dewey Rex, Kathleen La Costa
Jim Scocca, Ed Tierce
(Early arrivals)

Gail Gough, Carolyn Long, Walt Bowlby,
Jim and Ed
(Just happy people)

Alice Rex, Mary, Ken, Ray
(Let the party begin)

Kathleen La Costa , Carolyn Long,
George La Costa, Jim Scocca
(A hug for George)

Anita Celentano
(The Candy lady)

Dotty, George, Kathleen
(A thorn between two roses)

Lynn Snyder, Rich Stine, Anita Celentano
(Just terrific)

Dewey and Alice Rex
(Just perfect)

Bill Spies, Dotty Deutschlander Spies,
George La Costa, Ed Tierce, Kathleen La Costa,
Anita Celentano, Dewey Rex, Lynn Snyder,
Alice Rex, Rich Stine, Barb Stine,
Mary Onore, Walt Bowlby, Gail Gough,
Ray Bouquio, Carolyn Long, Marina
(Just super)