A very brief bio of Pat Carpenter

Pat Carpenter PHS Class 1954 sent an e-mail to Walt
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Interesting !

Pat's e-mail to Walt

Hi Walt:

Yes, I graduated in 1954 from Plfd. High School with Barbara
Denlecker. If I remember correctly, she also moved to
Whitehouse, NJ and lived just down the street from us. My
maiden name was Pat Carpenter and I married a guy from
New Market, NJ which is now Piscataway.

My one sister-in-law lives in So. Pllainfield,NJ and worked for
Mack Pharmacy which was later bought out by CVS. Mary
retired from CVS many years ago now. My other
sister-in-law lives in Mays Landing, NJ. I palled around
with Sally Munro, Phyllis Kay (her father owned Kays
Interior decorating on Somerset st.) and you might know
Hanna Katz, who was Phyllis's cousin. Sally passed on a few
years back from cancer and I've lost track of Phyllis who I
last saw at our 40th class reunion. She was not at our 50th
reunion. Well my No. Plfld. friend, guess that should catch
you up on some of my frienships from the past. Keep up the
good work on keeping me informed on what goes on in the
Take care.