Patricia Carpenter's view of Fred Scharnikow's Article

Patricia Carpenter sent an e-mail to Walt
She was in the PHS class of 1954 and enjoyed Plainfield in its heyday

Pat's e-mail to Walt

Hi Walt:
Thank you for the article. I can't begin to imagine that the
Plainfield area has changed to the point where I would no
longer know the place were I to return to the Plainfield area.

Many a Thursday night, my friends & I would head to Front St.
ready to purchase our latest record and see what guys we
could attract and meet up with. I, along with so many others
from Plainfield and the surrounding communities
practically lived at Grunnings and I was fortunate enough to
live just down the street from there on East Fifth St.

How sad to think that the area has reached a level of such drastic
measures that I would not recognize it were I to return to the
"olde neighborhood". From what I gather from the article, I
guess the move to Vermont was a blessing in disguise.
Thanks again for the article and have a great day.

Patricia Carpenter Henne