1954 Class Reunion


Carefully Aged

Pictures by Jane Tice
( We all had a great time )

Van & Barbara Armstrong
(What a great couple)

Jane & Walt
(A happy time)

Ray Bouquio Bob Heys
Jane & Walt

Sally, Tom, Fran, and Doris
(A thorn among the roses)

Lew Geller, Bob's wife Donna, Bob Kinsley
(My sister in law introduced Bob to Donna)
(What a great Couple)

Al, Steve's wife, Steve Luscian
Sally & Tom
(Good friends)

Suzy Hartelius, Carolyn Long, Marilyn Latty
Joyce Kemmerer, Bob White
(Bob has his hands full)

Tom C, Walt, Tom L, Al
(The Point Pleasant Beachcomers)

Kathleen "Suzy" Hartelius
Jane "Gabby" Tice
(Classmates 13 years...Lifetime friends)