1954 Class Reunion


Carefully Aged

Pictures by Joyce Kemmerer
( Many classmates new to the website )

Joyce Kemmerer, Tom Castronovo, Al Ellis
Royden Jones in background
(They made the reunion a great success)

Louise Zappella, Sue Cherubino &Jackie Herlick
Jackie's husband
(A happy time)

Lucy Demico & husband
Dorothy Butrico and husband

Mrs. Mann, Joyce Wilbert, Sally Beckwith & Jane Tice
(Its ladies night)

Tom, Al, Cathy Polon, Joyce, Larry Swenson
Fran Haldeman, Rose Margolis & Lew Geller
(in background)
Bob Gregory & Mickey Lawler
(Were they singing our alma mater?)

Jane Tice & Dot Harman
(Good friends)

Buddy Zanowic, Ella Hoffman, Kay Grube & husband
(Looking good)

Joyce Wilbert, Sally Beckwith, Jane Tice
Carolyn Long, Doris Glasser & Gail Gough
(Which one is out of tune?)

John Pitcher's wife Diana, Walt & Gail
Bob Gregory's wife Larraine
(A thorn and 3 roses)

Ed Smith, Virginia Hughes & husband
(Just Super)

Isabel Ruggerio, Mary Onore, Lois Mantz
Kenny Lynn
(The Cheerleaders and a football hero)

June Lindland and brother John
(Now we need Kathleen Bennetti)
(to complete the cheerleaders)