1954 Class Reunion


Carefully Aged

Pictures by Mickey Lawler

Mickey and the Grandchildren

Doris Glasser and Nancy Glenn
(These are really delicious)

Isabelle Ruggerio, Joyce Wilbert
Gail Gough. Bob Gregory's wife (Larraine)
(Looking good)

Bob Gregory, Ken Lynn, Tony Cotone
Steve Luscian in background
(Lookin good guys )

Larry's wife Kathy. Larry Swenson
Buddy Zanowic, John Pitcher
(A rose among some thorns )

Gail, Diana Pitcher, Larraine Gregory
(Good times)

Doug Reina, Coach Barclay
(The half back and his mentor)

Bob Kingsley and wife Donna
(Just super )

Don Schroth and Coach Barclay
(Coach and Don looking really great )

Ken and Mary Lynn
(Just Super)

Walt Bowlby, Roslyn Pass
(Talking 1954)

Joyce Wilbert, Isabelle Ruggerio
Sally Beckwith, Carolyn Long
Anne Newman behind Carolyn
(It was really fun)

Isabele, Mary, and Joyce
(Are we having fun yet???)

Don Schroth and wife Marge
(What good football player he was )

Van Armstrong
(This can't be true)