West End School

Fifth Grade

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Kathleen Hartelius
( The days of true innocence )

West End School

Picture by Van Armstrong

(Top Row)
Shirley Sutton, Suzy Hartelius, Barbara Dana
June Lindland, Phyllis Feigenbaum, Jessica McKerlie-Dodds

(First Row)
Patty Farmer, Ann Greiner, Mary Onore
Jane Tice and Carolyn Long

(Is this a great group or what?)

(Top Row)
George Williams, Phillip Feigenbaum, Joel Siegal
John Diehl, Walt Bowlby, Arthur Murphy
Wilbur Woods, Royden Jones, and Bruce Clapp

(First Row)
Jimmy Solt, Murray Rothberg, Tony Bradbury
Allen Stine, Jerry Mann, Van Armstrong
Ray Bouquio, Dewey Rex, Terry Rothmich
Jack Wikander
(Is this a great group or what???)