NPHS Class of 1952

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Ellie Yates
( What wonderful years they were )

Hanging out at Debeles while in the 7th.Grade

Standing: Gail Carson, Toni Hayman, Janet King
Kneeling: Ellie Yates & Peggy Buhot [not yet, Peggie]

Cheerleaders, our Junior Year, 1950-51
Margie Vitelli, Janet King, Ellie Yates
Betse Wolford and Lucy Columbus
"Gimme a C, Gimme a A".............

Anne Yeomans with her two pet dogs.

The only picture of all 13 "Kiddos"

Top L-R, Anne Yeomans, Hester Hyde, Ellie Yates
Janet King, Peggy Eckner
Middle L-R, Sis Richard, Toni Hayman, Shelby Singleton
Lucy Columbus, Carol Lynn Sanders
Bottom L-R, June Kipe, Audrey Heinzer, Gail Carson.

Junior Prom 1952

Francis "Snookie" Kaufman & Ellie Yates.
(You gotta be a football hero to get along with a beautiful girl)


Standing... Peggie Buhot Clayton, Ellie Yates Worden
Shelby Singleton Fillingane, Toni Hayman Sadowski
Seated...Gail Carson Finch, Lucy Columbus Smalley
Anne Yeomans Petty, Audrey Heinzer Scharnikow,
Janet King Herbert
Front...Carol Sanders Richard, Betse Wolford Titus.


"Gimme a C, Gimme a A".....
31 Years later and still plenty to cheer about.
Ellie, Lucy, Betse and Janet


"Slumber Party" at Gail Carson Finch's home in Mobile, Alabama.
Standing L-R, Carol Sanders Richard, Ellie Yates Worden
Peggie Buhot Clayton, Betse Wolford Titus
Seated... Audrey Heinzer Scharnikow
Toni Hayman Sadowski, Lucy Columbus Smalley
Gail Carson Finch [ Hostess with the Mostess !!!!! ]


50th. Class Reunion, Maiden names
Top Row L-R... June Kipe, Peggy Eckner, Sis Richard
Middle L-R...Gail Carson, Toni Hayman, Lucy Columbus
Audrey Heinzer, Shelby Singleton, Peggie Buhot
Front L-R...Ellie Yates, Carol Sanders.