NPHS Class of 1952

50th Reunion

Carefully Aged

Graphics and Pictures by Fred Scharnikow
( What a great half century it was )

The following pages do not include the class roster, unlocated classmates, the Memorial page and all of the Grammar School photos that appeared in the original Program/Booklet. All of the Grammar School photos can be found in other areas of this web site and the other information is now obsolete.

All of the classmates that attended [ 74 ]
with the exception of, Tim Gough,
who was in the hallway, top left.

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NPHS Class of 1952

Our Reunion after 50 Years

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Fred Scharnikow
(Friendships for more than a half of a century)

Can't have a 50th. Reunion without a cake........ right ??

Charlie Beckwith and Ed Davis
Joan Prentiss Gutoski, behind them.

Joan Facey, Don Enz and Lucy Columbus Smalley.

Peggie Buhot Clayton, Carol Lynn Sanders Richard
and Gail Carson Finch.
Pat Dorman Deonigi, behind Gail.

Betse Wolford Titus and Ed Woerner,

Mort Balzer, Cliff Diem and Art Thompson.

Lou and Sally Scotti

Ed Woerner and Gloria & Ed Derflinger.

Charlie and Carol Lynn Sanders Richard.

Toni Hayman Sadowski, Bob Boltner
Hester Hyde Boltner and Ellie Yates Worden
Ed Worden, behind balloons.

Ed and Pat Maritz

Mort and Betty Jane Applegate Balzer

Fred and Audrey Heinzer Scharnikow

Ava Rita Riley and Ed Davis

Hugh and Shelby Singleton Fillingane

Don and June Kipe Parker

Gail Carson Finch
talking to, Ed and Ellie Yates Worden.

Cathe Watson Caruso, signing Fred Scharnikow's Yearbook
Note: In 1952 Cathe wrote a short note to Fred next to her picture
"Hi Hon, I'll write in the back later" .........50 years ?????

Bill Boerner, Ellie Yates Worden, John Geisler
and Gail Carson Finch.

John Geisler and Fred Scharnikow, with
Rudy Scavuzzo and Audrey Heinzer Scharnikow, standing.

Don Enz and Tim Gough. See, he was there !!!!!!!

Art Thompson and date, Pat.

Susan Ricards Barbuty and husband, George

Elsie Cardone, Mary Manello and George Quinn

Front row, Avie, Ellie, Gail, Peggie and June
Standing, Tony Garzillo, Carol Lynn, Pat Dorman Dionigi,
The "Geis".

Gail, Ellie, Toni, Lucy [ Speaking Italian ]
Audrey, Shelby, Peggie.

Avie, Ellie, Gail, Peggie [ Losing it !!! ]
June, Betse, Dolores Delnero and Toni.
Top: Carol and Pat

Ellie, Gail, John [ Right after getting a haircut !! ]
Peggie behind John, June, Betse, Dolores Delniro, Toni
Top: Tony Garzillo and Pat Dorman.

Avie, Ellie, Gail, Peggie [ He told you that ???? ]
June and Betse.

Front: Ellie, Carol. Betse and Hester.
Middle: Gail, Toni, Lucy, Audrey, Shelby and Peggie.
Top: June, Peggy Eckner Scavuzzo and "Sis".

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