NPHS Class of 1952

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Joe Muglia Martin
( What wonderful years they were )

Me and My dad taken in 1938 in South Plainfield
I am 4 years old

Interesting story behind this photo:

We had gone food shopping in Big Bear [Plainfield].
I insisted we go across the street to a store I loved,
called Mechanics, I think. There they sold all kinds of
bikes, etc. I can still smell the lovely rubber from the tires
etc! I made a fuss over a tricycle and asked my father to
buy it for me. Of course he said no [he was working
for $5 a day at the time]. When we got outside the
store, I looked up at my dad and innocently asked
"daddy, are we poor?"

I did not know at the time, but this tore a hole in my dad's
heart, and the next day he went back there and
bought the tricycle on some type of layaway plan!

That was 70 years ago, but I remember it like it was

Taken in 1943, age 9

Graduation pic

Taken in Fort Ord, California during basic training 1954

Also at Fort Ord, also 1954

Malita and I, about to be married
April 1959

My Prize possession

Jay and me

Pebble Beach, California

Photo courtesy of, John Geisler
who lives in Hilton Head and only a few
minutes away from, Joe & Malita,
[ Bluffton, SC].

Very very old, both the car and the
"character" standing next to it !!!!!!!!!!

This is a photo of one of Joe's cars that Audrey
and I took while visiting the "Martin's" a couple
of years ago. Note how shiny the floor is as this
is the climate controlled building that Joe built
for his show cars.

Nothing out of place folks and every tool is perfectly clean !!!

Another area of the building with Joe's
famous Locomobile. Phewwww,
"What a car" !!!!!
You can read about it in the next photo and,
it doesn't even mention that he had a very hard
time finding tires for it, finally found them..
in India !!!!!!!

"The story"

Joe & Malita, with some of their cronies
in "period attire", with Joe holding
"Best in Show" ribbon tighter than Malita.

John, Audrey, Malita and Joe holding Fred down.

Three very old "Canucks", John, Fred and "Moogie"!!!