NPHS Class of 1952

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Gail Carson
( Did we have good times or what? )

"Red roses for a blue lady", Peggie Buhot,
waiting for her date for the 1949 Junior Prom.
Did he show up ?? Who was he ??

"Bosom Buddies",
Audrey Heinzer, Peggy Eckner, Anne Yeomans.

Just "Hanging out", Gail, Betse & Shelby.

"Down the shore"
Ellie, Lucy, Gail
Fred Steck & Harold Ten Eyck
[1951 The lucky guys !! ]

Bernice Crowley '51, Bill Cristy '50, John Brangenberg '51,
Carol Lynn Sanders, Chippy Mauro '51, Janet King,
GAIL, and Dick Desvernine '51
Ellie Yates and Bing Collora '50
"Looks like Gail has her eye on someone to her left" !!!
1950 Christmas Formal

Val Sargeni '50, GAIL, Peggy Eckner and Rudy Scavuzzo '50. "Just lookin' good" !!!!!

Queen of Hearts Ball, 1951
Danny Adams '51 and GAIL
John Brangenberg '51 and Marie Hardenburg
Mary Jane Pitcher and Pat Dunn '51.

"So many guys, so little time.... And, the winner is .......
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Freezing in Lavalette !!!!
Ellie, Anne, Lucy, Toni & Betse
Gail and Peggie had their bikini's on while taking this photo !!!

Peggie's house, 1985.
Standing, Betse & Toni
Seated, Audrey, Gail, Ellie, Lucy, Peggie with Anne in front.
Hummmm, it's only 33 years since we graduated !!!!

Our 45th. Reunion
"Mrs. Finch & her Attorney, Mr. Rod Smalley"
[ Lucy's husband ]

45th Reunion
Far left, June Kipe, John Geisler & Gail, [ She's still at it ]
Janet, departing Fred's lap as he beckons Peggie for the next lap dance.
Toni & Ellie enjoying the "fiasco"
and a very serious, Frank Jankowski and Shelby with her back to us.

50TH Reunion
Bob Boltner, with wife, Hester looking at the night's program.
[ I think that is what she is looking at ???? ].

Geisler, as usual, surrounded by all of the ladies.
Pat Dorman and the DJ, share the stage with him
as the females are engaged in 1950's talk.
L-R, Ellie, Gail, June, Betse's back,
Toni, Betty Del Nero, Avie, Peggie and Carol.

Talking about "old times" at the 50th. reunion.
L-R, Avie, Carol, Ellie, Gail, Pat,
Peggie, June, Betse, Betty, and Toni.

A special photo of a very special group !!!!
Top, June, Peggy and "Sis".
Middle, Gail, Toni, Lucy, Audrey, Shelby and Peggie.
Bottom, Ellie and Carol.