NPHS Class of 1952

Carefully Aged

Pictures by Betse Wolford
( Did we have good times or what? )

L-R Rear, Sis Richard, June Kipe, Mirian Mitchell
Peggie Buhot, Hester Hyde, Shelby Singleton
Betty Van Hise, Toni Hayman.
L-R Front, Betse Wolford, Mary Ann Wallace, Janet King,
Gail Carson.

Hanging out on Somerset Street in front of, Lee's Sweet Shop.
[ Future Cheerleaders ? ]

Hester Hyde.
Very Pretty Girl Scout.

Rear, L-R, Toni Hayman, Betse Wolford, Peggie Buhot
Miriam Mitchell.
Bottom Row, L-R, Janet King, Mary Ann Wallace.
Just looking pretty and hanging out !!

Cathe Watson

Betse Wolford and Maryann Briant
with Cathe Watson behind them.

Betse Wolford and Jane Codington
Annapolis Trip, 1951.

What a Great Place, lots of memories
Bill Miller's Riviera !!!!

Ed Woerner and Betse Wolford
"The Football Star & The Cheerleader !!!

Shelby Singleton, Betse Wolford & Gail Carson
"Bathing Beauties, Point Pleasant Beach, June, 1952.

Charlie Wagner, Louie Scotti, ? and Ralph Brown
"The Mountain Boys", celebrating at a party for
Harold Ten Eyck

Toni Hayman, Gail Carson, Peggie Buhot
Audrey Heinzer, Betse Wolford and Carol Lynn Sanders.
A "Slumber Party" at Gail Carson's home in Mobile, Alabama.
These "Old Ladies" partied at the, Florabama
a real "Good Old Guys" hangout !!!!!!

Snookie Kaufman & Ed Woerner
At Snookie's home in Georgia. late January 1992

Carol, Lucy, Betse, Peggie, Audrey, Janet and Toni
100th. Celebration of NPHS and they actually marched in the Parade !!!!!
"What a Great Group"

Betse Wolford & Toni Hayman
"Still looking good girls !! Nice hats too !!!!