NPHS Class of 1952

Somerset School 8th Grade

Carefully Aged

Picture by Avie Riley
( The funfilled days of 8th grade )

Somerset School and Ms Riordan
but this photo was taken at
John Geisler's birthday party in 1947.

Top row, L-R, Phil Claus, Gordon Smith
Campbell Platt '53' Carol Sanders
June Kipe, Pat Dorman,

Middle row. L-R, Avie Riley, Peggie Buhot, Gail Carson
Toni Hayman, Eleanor Yates.

Bottom row, L-R, Alan Glenn, John Geisler, Ron Martin
Bill Boerner, George Royer

"Party Time"

Pictures by Betty Jane Applegate Balzer

Miss Poinsard, Mort Balzer, Herman Van De Vaarst
Ann Ammon, Lola Marchio and Wesley Muller.

The first 4 boys standing on the far left are
Roy Uhlman, Tom Feller, Wesley Muller and Joe DuFour
In front of Joe DuFour is, Toni Hayman [ White shirt ]
next to her, Unidentified and in front of her, Richard Bowers,
next to him, Mort Balzer w/ violin,
then, Ann Marie Cardone, Cathe Watson, Virginia Rita,
Miss Poinsard, Lola Marchio, Carolyn Addison,
Ronald Martin. Behind, Anne Marie & Cathe are,
Barbara Hansen and Beverly Meyers.
Third Row, Unidentified boy, Joan Karcher, Audrey Heinzer,
George Grady, Raymond Horak, George Hurych,
Herman Van De Vaarst, Ann Ammon, Ruth Bastian and Hester Hyde.
Top Row, Unknown, Fred Anston, 2 Unknowns
[ One is possibly, Fred Steck ] and Everitt [ Bill ] Noe, w/trumpet.