NPHS Class of 1952

Items Carefully Aged

Ralph Flanagan Souvenir....

Night of Fantasy
"Seniors show their talent"

Inside pages of above program

North Plainfield's Grunnings
When Route'22' was Route 29

Hamburger 20 cents
Opdykes were better at 25cents

Banana Split 45 cents
Did anyone have 45 cents???

A thesbian's delight
'52' Seniors show their talent

Left inside of above Program
"Great Cast"

Right inside of above Program
Class of '54' gives lots of support

Beanie, compliments of, A.J.ORBACH CO.

NPHS beanie by A.J. ORBACH

"Do you remember these " ?
NPHS Handbooks, handed out on the first day of the school year.
Left, 1948-9 Right, 1950-51

Inside the NPHS Handbooks
(Football game, cheers, and songs)

Picture of a football game at the "Lower Field"
circa, 1940's.

NPHS Alma Mater & Fight Songs

NPHS Cheers

More NPHS Cheers

Telegram from Buck and Benny's Sporting Goods Store.
It is always good to praise a valued customer
[ Check out the cost of postage]

On the other side of this announcement is a.
"Blue blotter"

The Junior Prom in our Senior year.

Old felt logo, Circa, 1950 ???

NP Pennant

Freshman Numerals and JV Letter.

Boys Varsity Letter

Girls Varsity Letter

Boys JV Athletic Certificate

Boys Varsity Certificate

NPHS Book covers distributed by the cheerleaders
Does anyone remember what year they started???