Days since Bush Lateraled the Presidency

Four Years plus

Things Obama promised and has yet to accomplish.

1. Change Washington's climate of relentless partisanship
    to partisan co-operation
2. Sign a meaningful Health Care Law with universal coverage.
3. Bring the troops home from Iraq.
4. Close Guantanamo Prison
5. Keep unemployment below 8%
6. Sign a Cap and Trade bill
7. Insist on transparency in government operation especially the
    making of laws like Healthcare reform.
8. Improve and strengthen the value and integrity of our money.
9. Limit tax increases to those making $250,000 or more annually.
10. Major action to ease global warming
11. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed terrorist trial will be held in New York City
12. Passage of the unions demands for card-check elections.
13. Repeal of the free trade pacts.

Number promises as of          that have been kept = 0

Each item will be checked when completed